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  • Can be used in all standard concrete construction, such as highways, runways, parking garages, driveways, sidewalks and floor slabs.
  • Also be used as a buffer between dissimilar materials such as columns, manhole covers, and adjacent constructions.


Xcellon Expansion Joint – is a very strong and resilient polyolefin material and an adhesion level is well suited for our customer’s application needs.

  • Fire Retardant – made with fire retardant additives with a self extinguishing feature.
  • Adhesive Backed – is designed with pressure sensitive adhesive. It has strength because the adhesive is hard enough to resist flow when stress is applied to the bond.
  • Durability – closed cell feature makes it water and moisture resistant. Resistant to most chemicals and acids. It is UV resistant, none fibrous, and none dusting.

Product Identification:

Product Name Cross Linked Polyolefin, PE
Chemical Family Polyethylene

Standard Xcellon Expansion Joint Available
Colors* Gray
Thicknesses* 10mm
Width (Height)* in mm 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200
  250, 300
Length of Rolls 25 meters
* Some exception apply. Custom thickness, and widths available, please inquire about availability and lead times.

Physical Properties Value*
Core Density 28 kg/m3
Color Gray
Odor Neutral
Tensile Strength (psi) 23.02
Elongation (%) 107.96%
Tear Resistance (kg/cm) 0.49 kg/cm
Resiliency Test (%) 53%
Compression Set @ 50% 62.75%
Thermal Properties w/ Flame Retardant
Flame Spread Index 25
Smoke Developed Value 50
Burning Classification Class A
Bending Creep Adhesion Test 180 degrees

Raw Materials:

Ingredients Volume (%)
1500 PE MB Blowing Agent 24
1500 TSK MB Blowing Agent 24
DCP MB Cross-linked Agent 9
FR MB Fire Retardant 9
KCN MB Additive 3
Color MB 1
Silicon Kraft Paper -
Hot Melt Adhesive 80 gsm

RoHS Test Results:

Test Items Unit MDL Limit Test Method
Lead mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP-AES
Cadmium mg/kg 2 ppm 100 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP-AES
Mercury mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA Method 3051A/3052, ICP-AES/AAS
Hexavalent Chromium mg/kg 2 ppm 1000 EPA 3060A & 7196A, UV/Vis Spectrometry
PBB’s mg/kg 100 ppm 1000 EPA 3540C & 3550C, GC/MS
PBDE’s mg/kg 90 ppm 1000 EPA 3540C & 3550C, GC/MS






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