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Void Filling Materials

Polycell has a variety of materials specifically designed for filling void spaces that are created by items that do not effectively utilise the entire space of a shipping outer. All of the products that we offer for these applications are made from Low Density Polyethylene resins and as such are 100% recyclable. Refer to recyclability category.

   Cell-O EZ II Air Cushion Machine Brochure 

   Novus Air Cushion Machine Brochure

   PolyCELLO Pillow Cushion Brochure 


Air Bubble Filler

Is produced from our 32mm super cell bubble profile and comes in rolls sizes of 1500mm wide x 75m in length.  For ease of application each roll is slit down to 300mm ie: 5 x 300mm rolls and perforated at 300mm creating convenient sized sheets of void fill material.



Cell-O EZ Air Pillows

From the FP International range of air cushioning products, Cell-O EZ air pillows are produced from a convenient table top machine that inflates pre-perforated cross-sealed film into air pillows on demand.



The Cell-O EZ machine makes continuous chains of air pillows with perforations between each pillow making for ease of separation.


Avaliable in 3 convenient pillow sizes:

- 200mm x 100mm

- 200mm x 200mm

- 200mm x 300mm





PolyCell-O Box



As the name suggests is a box of inflated air pillows that can be easily dispensed through a pop open flap. The PolyCell-O box holds1/4 of a cubix meter of pillows and is directed at low volume users of void filling materials.







NOVUS Air Cushion

The NOVUS system is another one of FP International's air cushioning products.  Like Cell-O EZ, NOVUS film is fed through a table top machine that inflates the film into unique pre-perforated air cushioned pads.


NOVUS material is available in 3 individual profiles:

Double Cushion



Quilt-Air Large

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