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Polycells range of non-crosslinked PE foam underlay has been designed as cushioning for all floating floor applications.

Softwalk is made from 2mm foam and laminated with a polyethylene moisture resistant film that protects existing floor sub-straits from possible moisture and water damage.

ProWalk is a premium 3mm foam underlay laminated with a polyethylene moisture resitant film. In addition to providing a moisture barrier, ProWalk also reduces noise, having an acoustic rating of 64DB(A) or a reduction of 10-12DB(A).

NOTE: Testing conducted on 170mm thick concrete slab and a white set ceiling below.





Silvertread 2mm foam underlay is laminated with a metalized PE film creating superior moisture resistance. Silvertread is ideal for applications where the flooring sub-strait is located in close proximity to the terrain.


√ Independantly tested

√ Strata Management Schemes

√ Superior moisture resistance

√ Acoustic Rating

√ BCA Compliant

√ Economical

√ Recyclable

√ CFC Free

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