Protective Packaging Materials Manufacturer

Maling Bags

Polycell has a comprehensive Line-up of Bubble Cushioned Mailing bags.

We are continually updating our products by using leading polymers and technology that keeps Polycell the No 1 manufacturer in Australasia.

If you are looking for:

- Cost Savings from switching from cartons to padded mailers

- Saving Storage Dollars
- Reducing your Current Mailing Costs
- More Productive Packing times
- More Cost Efficient Packaging
- Customised or Printed Mailers
- Reduced Freight damage from Superior Cushioning Protection
- Environmentally friendly 100% LDPE Mailers



Air Bubble Cushion
Void Fillers
EPE Foam
Cross Link Foam
Expansion Joint Foam
Mailing Bags
Mail Pack
Maxi Pack
Custom Products