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Polycell's range of Air Bubble products are made from a carefully formulated blend of virgin low density and linear low density resins along with various additives for performance purposes.  Polycell's standard Air Bubble range consists of 4 bubble profiles as indicated in the following table. Each individual profile is characterized by diameter and height of bubble.

Bubble Diameter

Bubble Height










Our Air bubble range is also available in varying thicknesses (micron) of plastic. The thicker to the micron, the stronger the bubble.  Due to such a wide range of packaging requirements, we also offer a variety of bubble grades to ultimately give our customers a greater choice for their packaging needs.






Are all produced at 1500mm wide and come in varying lengths starting from 100m. All industrial rolls are able to be slit & perforated to customer requirements.










Available in a variety of widths and come in roll lengths of up to 50m.








Bubble bags and Bubble tubing are a convenient and economical packaging solution for high volume uniform sized products.





Produced using an additive in the resin that eliminates electrostatic discharges that are  inherent in plastic cushioning materials.









From our traditional Bubblekraft to our 100% recyclable Prowrap range, we have an answer for all needs removal. All of our specialized removal wraps are produced from a tough 3 layered bubble construction and laminated with different sub-straits to meet individual customer requirements.







BubbleKraft is laminated with a tough kraft paper backing that protects furniture & and house hold items from the rigours associated with shipping. 

Newsprint Bubble is laminated with a medium strength newsprint backing and like Bubblekraft protects items during shipping and transport.






Prowrap is available in 2 individual grades and is produced as a high performance removal wrap.  PROWRAP 1 is laminated with a layer of absorbent PP material that protects furniture from moisture build up during long shipping cycles.  PROWRAP 2 is laminated with the same layer of absorbent PP material on one side of the bubble along with a layer of PE film that is laminated to the other side of the bubble. As well as protection from moisture, PROWRAP 2 also offers superior tear and puncture resistance. The PROWRAP range is 100% recyclable.

Envirowrap is laminated with 2 different grades of PE based film on both sides of the bubble that enhances its tear strength properties. ENVIROWRAP is 100% recyclable.








Onewrap is the ultimate extra high performing removal wrap that is designed, as the name suggests, for one wrap applications only. In conjunction with a layer of absorbent PP material on one side of the bubble, ONEWRAP also has a tough PE woven material laminated to the other side of the bubble guaranteeing superior tear strength properties. ONEWRAP is 100% recyclable. 






Custom printing is available across the entire range of removal wrap materials.



Foam Backed Bubble has a layer of EPE foam laminated to one side of the bubble creating a super soft protective wrapping surface.





Foil Backed Bubble has a layer of metalized PE film laminated to one side of the bubble. Along with having a reflective surface, Foil Backed Bubble also has some insulating properties.




Adhesive Backed Bubble has a low tack adhesive film laminated to the bubble backing enhancing the speed in which products can be packaged.








 With our in-house printing facility we are able to offer medium to high volume users of Air Bubble cushioned materials the option of custom printing.

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